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Japanese Try To Dump 135 Billion In Us Bonds On The Black Market

According to a various reports coming out of Italy, Italian police captured two unidentified Japanese men trying to illegally cross the border from Italy into Switzerland-carrying $134.5 billion dollars in US government bonds in a false-bottomed briefcase.

This news story is making headlines across Europe and Asia, yet I haven’t herd a peep from the mainstream media in the United States about this incident.

Coincidentally, last Friday morning, Treasuries rallied as the Japanese Minister of Finance Kaoru Yosano went on the public record to say that his faith in US Treasuries and America’s ‘strong dollar policy’ was ‘unshakeable’.

The complete details can be found in the bloomber news article.

The evidence as of this writing strongly suggests that a major Central Bank, most likely the Japanese, attempted to liquidate $134.5 billion dollars in US government debt on the black market, at what would have to be a deep discount. The ‘Italian Incident’ is perhaps the biggest news story never to hit the front page.

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